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Brian Mahany

former New Orleans street cop then prosecutor turned high profile lawyer, champions the rights of those for whom justice stalls, fails, or seems out of reach. Whether exposing billion dollar frauds against the government on behalf of whistleblower claimants, holding accountable evildoers hiding behind faceless corporations, or recovering money from offshore schemers and others, Brian’s common theme is delivering justice by financial recovery in difficult, high-stakes situations.

Practicing in federal courts across the U.S., Brian Mahany founded the Wisconsin-based national fraud and tax law firm Mahany Law to serve individuals as well as companies ranging from regional firms to the Fortune 500 and foreign financial institutions. Brian is also one of an elite handful of successful "whistleblower lawyers" who are the architects of multibillion dollar cases on behalf of individual claimants seeking multi-million dollar rewards provided for insiders who expose financial wrongdoing against the U.S. government.

Equal parts eloquent advocate, diplomat, and when called for, courtroom or boardroom brawler, author Brian Mahany (Saints, Sinners & Heroes, Sutton Hart 2015) is a frequent speaker on major frauds and an expert media commentator for Bloomberg, FOX News, PBS, and dozens other local and regional U.S. and foreign outlets.

Watch Brian Mahany’s
National Mensa Keynote