“The Reigning King of Qui Tam (whistleblower) Actions in the United States” – New Haven Register

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Brian Mahany founded and leads Mahany Law, a national law practice focused on high stakes False Claims Act and Whistleblower cases, fraud recovery litigation, accounting malpractice cases, and international tax work.

Whistleblower and False Claims Act Lawyer

As an experienced whistleblower lawyer and False Claims Act attorney, Brian Mahany helps people who have inside information about companies defrauding the government, make claims for whistleblower awards (cash rewards for whistleblowers) under state and federal False Claims Act statutes, SEC whistleblower rules, and IRS whistleblower regulations.

Whistleblower or False Claims Act rules, which provide for cash rewards of up to 30% of money the government recovers, are intended to encourage insiders to come forward with information about overbilling on government contracts, tax avoidance schemes, mortgage or Medicare fraud, or any other fraud or wrongdoing causing financial loss to state or U.S. government agencies.

Brian Mahany, one of America’s leading whistleblower lawyers (multiple billion dollar False Claims Act cases and multi-million dollar whistleblower awards), helps people considering becoming a whistleblower understand the claims process, their legal options, potential cash rewards, and addressing employment retaliation risks. For those who move forward to make their claim, Brian’s experience helps package and file the best possible claim while his contacts, clout, and reputation serve to make the claim powerfully stand out in a landscape where the Department of Justice can only pursue a small percentage of the claims they receive.

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Fraud Recovery Lawyer

Brian Mahany also helps victims of fraud (some intentional deceit or breach of confidence done for the purpose of profit or unfair advantage) recover their hard earned money. Most jurisdictions offer the additional remedy of punitive damages that are designed to punish the wrongdoer and send a message to other fraudsters that if they engage in this type of conduct they will pay a very high price.

Fraud recovery cases include:
  • Whistleblower Cases; (see False Claims Act above)

  • Mortgage Fraud which covers the massive Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities frauds as well as deceptive activity by mortgage brokers, lenders, special servicers (manage troubled commercial real estate loans), and others involved in originating, packaging, grouping, selling, reselling, and managing mortgage loans, mortgage loan portfolios, and commercial loans in default;

  • Ponzi Schemes which include recovering from a stock broker that sold the deal, a bank that knowingly facilitated the arrangement, and accountants or lawyers that “blessed” the deal as well as the original promoter;

  • Abusive Tax Shelters including promoter liability, stockbroker responsibility, and accountant and lawyer malpractice for conspiracy or direct participation in tax avoidance schemes related to investments based on tortured and fraudulent interpretations of tax rules;

  • Bank Fraud and other fraudulent financial situations.

Brian’s unerring sense of justice and work with hundreds of client-victims focuses not only on maximum financial recovery for the mortgage fraud, Ponzi schemes, abusive tax shelters, and bank fraud but also working to make sure the wrongdoers never do this again. This can include taking their property, shutting down their business, and taking away any licenses or privileges they have; i.e. shut them down so they can’t defraud anyone else.

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Accounting Malpractice Lawyer

Brian’s practice includes suing accountants and accounting firms and making accounting malpractice insurance claims on behalf of people who are victims of professional negligence or fraud by their accountant, tax shelter malfeasance, breach of fiduciary duty, incompetence, undisclosed conflict of interest, breach of confidentiality, and other financial matters that comprise accounting malpractice.

Brian’s clients have typically been victimized by an accountant or accounting firm resulting in very substantial financial loss from the actions, inaction, or flawed counsel by their CPA, CPA firm, or other accounting advisor. In some accounting malpractice cases Brian Mahany represents large groups of victims while in others, the professional negligence by an accountant is just part of a complex case of fraud, legal malpractice, criminal tax matters, and other financial malfeasance.

Accounting malpractice cases include:
  • Abusive tax shelters;

  • Bad advice;

  • Return preparation mistakes which in the case of Foreign Bank Account Reporting can quickly become million dollar errors;

  • Audit cases where a CPA or CPA firm miss glaring errors or outright frauds within the companies they are hired to audit causing damage to investors and shareholders.

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