Brian Mahany, Whistleblower Author and Lawyer, Tapped for MENSA Keynote

Whistleblower Attorney Brian Mahany, Bestselling (Qui Tam) Author, to Present: Whistleblowers: An Insider's Look at Risks, Rewards, Laws, Outcomes & Qui Tam Bounties at MENSA Annual Conference

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Brian Mahany, Whistleblower Author and Lawyer, Tapped for MENSA Keynote

Brian Mahany, an expert on federal whistleblower laws and successful qui tam (whistleblower's lawsuits) lawyer, is slated to keynote the MENSA AG (Annual Gathering) July 6th at the Sheraton Conference Center in downtown Phoenix, Arizona.

Conference attendees, all members of the MENSA ultra- high IQ society, will attend Mahany's presentation on a whistleblower's legal options and rewards.

According to Mahany, bestselling author of Saints, Sinners & Heroes – Covert Ops in the Wars against the C-Suite Mafia, whistleblowers at private companies are responsible for uncovering massive swindles on American taxpayers.

Among the more reprehensible actions Mahany will address are big name healthcare providers cheating Medicare, defense contractors cooking the books on military contracts, pharmaceutical companies overlooking deadly manufacturing errors, and other misconduct.

Brian Mahany, whose MahanyLaw whistleblower law firm, quarterbacked the largest whistleblower case in U.S history, will look at the U.S. False Claims Act which provides for multi-million dollar rewards and job protections for citizens who risk career and reputation to stand up to powerful corporations and other entities causing financial harm and health risks in the reckless pursuit of illegal profits.

Says Mahany, "Want to be a whistleblower? This is how it works."

"The MENSA audience will likely be very receptive to the qui tam message, as while no one likes companies that cheat taxpayers, the MENSA community is focused on solving this crisis and qui tam lawsuits filed by whistleblowers are exactly how to do it."

The MENSA event is attorney Mahany's first stop on his 2019 lecture tour.

MENSA is an international society with the membership qualification standardized testing results in the population's top 2%. The nonprofit's purpose is to conduct research in psychology and social science, identify and foster human intelligence for the benefit of humanity and serve as a means for stimulating intellectual and social contacts among its membership.

About Brian Mahany: Brian founded and leads MahanyLaw, a national law firm focused on helping whistleblowers stop fraud, protect their job, and claim rewards available by law. Mahany is frequently in the national and international news for his high profile cases and to provide expert legal commentary in outlets ranging from the Wall St. Journal to CNN. He is the author of Saints, Sinners & Heroes: Covert Ops in the Wars against the C-Suite Mafia, an Amazon bestseller published by Sutton Hart Press.