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Two new suits against Uber

Two new suits against Uber

TWO NEW MISCLASSIFICATION SUITS AGAINST UBER: Uber’s recent $100 million settlement of two misclassification lawsuits in California and Massachusetts didn’t end its legal troubles. On Monday Uber drivers sued the company in Florida and Illinois, once again alleging misclassification. “The lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court of the Northern District of Illinois goes a step further and tries to recover tips that were ‘earned but stolen by Uber, or were lost due to [Uber’s] communications and policies,” the Los Angeles Times’ Tracey Lien reports.

“Uber tried to piecemeal this and said, ‘OK, we’ll just settle with California and Massachusetts drivers,’” the Illinois workers’ attorney Brian H. Mahany told Lien. “That’s like sticking your finger in a dam when there’s water pouring out all over the place.” latimes.com

Meanwhile, USA Today’s Elizabeth Weise reports that most class members involved in Uber’s recent California and Massachusetts settlements will get less than $25. That’s because most drivers eligible for compensation have driven relatively few miles for Uber. usatoday.com