Whistleblower Lawyer Brian Mahany Hits Bestseller w/1st Book: Saints, Sinners & Heroes

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Whistleblower Lawyer Brian Mahany Hits Bestseller w/1st Book: Saints, Sinners & Heroes

Brian Mahany, America's most controversial and successful whistleblower lawyer, adds Best Selling Author to his high visibility bio as his book: Saints, Sinners & Heroes – Covert Ops in the War against the C-Suite Mafia (Sutton Hart Press) hit Top 10 on Amazon in Law.  

Attorney Mahany ("Reigning king of whistleblower actions across the U.S." – New Haven Register), ex-New Orleans cop and record-holder for multi-billion dollar False Claims Act (insiders who blow the whistle) settlements, is an expert on Federal and state whistleblower laws and lawsuits.

Brian's Saints, Sinners & Heroes gives readers a How-To guide for using the False Claims Act and other qui tam statutes to:

  • Expose and stop corporate misconduct,
  • Stop waste, and
  • Earn and maximize multi-million dollar cash rewards for alerting and assisting law enforcement to recover money for taxpayers.

The False Claims Act expert's book helps employees reporting fraud, e.g. Medicare, defense contractor, banking or financial, Customs… avoid pitfalls and misconceptions including:

  • Government hotlines pay $1000 rewards, but if you file a Federal Whistleblower lawsuit through a private law firm many have received $1 million+ rewards;
  • Company hotlines for employees reporting illegal acts are often traps to expose, shun, demote, fire and blacklist people blowing the whistle;
  • Whistle blowers aren't usually Assange types but rather nurses, billing clerks, ambulance drivers, bank executives, appraisers, alert citizens…exposing corruption and waste.

Saints, Sinners & Heroes is peppered with shocking case studies of heroic whistle blowers exposing outrageous greed-based wrongdoing including:

  • Oncologist telling healthy Medicare and Medicaid patients (100's) they have cancer to collect taxpayer money for their chemotherapy;
  • Pharmaceutical executives concealing deadly test results, defective prescription medicines, and lethal pharma manufacturing errors for profit;
  • Fake Made in USA labels on cheap foreign construction materials used in government buildings, roads and bridges;
  • Phony billings in government contracts by America's premier defense contractors;
  • …and the list of atrocities continues.

All exposed and stopped by whistle blowers.